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History and Motivation:

A childhood dramatically interrupted by the war led to much catching up:
-Service in the Royal Navy as an Engineering Officer
-London University, where I gained an Honours B.Sc (Eng)
-Attendance at St.Martin’s and Central School of Art from 1958 to 1961

Motive and Masters:

A talent for drawing was evident from childhood, and painting has remained an enduring passion in a lifetime of varied activity.
The career as an international executive has limited the time devoted to painting, but having resigned, it has become my full time occupation for nearly 20 years.

An eclectic and energetic approach has resulted in a large collection of drawings and paintings including portraits, some of which were commissioned. The human figure has been a dominant aspect, with increasing emphasis on movement and dancing. Whilst much of this has a realistic theme, It has also led to forms of spontaneous abstractions which have been likened to Jackson Pollock. In other interpretations a debt is acknowledged to Marcel Duchamp in his earlier painting phase.

In the last decade the landscape, particularly Provence, has been an inspiration. The ‘geometric’ forms presented by village lanes and rooftops have been a fascination, with David Bomberg a guiding light. Another strong influence has been the likeness between the trees and human shapes, which are a constant preoccupation.


1993Square Gallery, Highgate
1993Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith
1996Gallery at John Jones, Finsbury Park
1997Gallery at John Jones, Finsbury Park
1998Sheridan Russell Gallery
1999The Gallery at Handel House, Devizes
2000Highgate Fine Art
2001Highgate Fine Art
2002Highgate Fine Art
2003Lang Gallery, Shoreditch -mixed show
2004Royal Automobile Club Hanging Room –mixed
2005Ben Uri Gallery – mixed
2006Royal Automobile Club Hanging Room - mixed
2006Lauderdale House